Private servers enable full control and flexibility

A truly flexible alternative to a traditional file server, without security drawbacks

Synkzone provides an easy to use, flexible and cost effective IT solution for enterprises. Using Synkzone you can avoid both the cost and the admin of managing things like VPN:s, file servers and costly backup systems. With Synkzone it is also easy to adapt the IT environment of your organization to fit the needs of all employees and users, without compromising on functionality or security.

In the Synkzone service users have access to one or more common directory structures called zones. Being a member of a zone gives you access only to the information stored in that zone. The administrator of the zone can easily add or remove users and set access permissions individually for each member.

All the functionality for security and communication is integrated into our client software. The software, automatically uploads all changes made, and at the same time ensures that you always have your colleagues latest changes locally on your computer. The Synkzone software enables you to work anywhere you want since the client can communicate through most firewalls.

For each zone the clients maintain a logging and chat function, making it easy to see if files have been updated or changed and who has done what. The chat function also helps users to send comments or notes concerning the information stored.

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