The story of Synkzone started with two people who had a shared vision: to create a cloud-based file-sharing service that would give companies and organizations full control over their information and data at all times. The service should make it easy for people to collaborate and store information in a truly secure way.

The Synkzone story began in the early 2000s

Christer Wik and Jonas Vasell met each other in the early 2000s. At that time, they worked at the same company developing radio software for military application in tactical radio communication.

Over the years, Christer and Jonas have also worked with systems architecture, distribution systems (including peer-to-peer technology) and a number of other exciting technological and innovative projects.

They founded Synkzone in 2016 and set about developing what would become a new type of cloud service.

Synkzone’s solution is based on a completely new type of security model. Many of today’s big data leaks involve privileged users or hackers that have accessed large databases or information.

In Synkzone, however, the customer’s data and information is protected from all non-authorised users. Nobody but the customer can possibly access the customer’s data, and that includes Synkzone employees. What’s more, the customer’s data and information is protected from anyone else, such as hackers, who gains unauthorised access to the servers or other IT infrastructure.

New technology creates new opportunities

Synkzone’s secure technology enables customers to store data and fully collaborate securely, confident in the knowledge that no unauthorised person can access their information in the cloud. There are no back door entrances.

What began as a vision for truly secure and simple collaboration is today the very heart of Synkzone’s unique offering.


Synkzone founded in 2016

Synkzone was formally established in 2016. Soon thereafter the Standard Client offering was launched and the first customer was up and running. Since then, Synkzone has continued to evolve rapidly.

SSI launched in 2018

In 2018, the Synkzone Secure Sharing Interface, SSI, was launched. Customers can now integrate Synkzone’s solution into their current workflow through the SSI to retain full control of their information, without needing to use Synkzone’s Standard Client.

At the end of 2019, Synkzone issued new shares, thus gaining a number of well-known new owners. The company has also recruited an external CEO and is now strengthening its organization ready for expansion both nationally and internationally.