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That data plays a major and active role in today’s world is something we think everyone can agree on. Even though it is not always seen, it is still there and as digitalization progresses an exponential growth in the amount of data that is created, stored and used, for a variety of purposes, follows.

Synkzone background

Innovative solutions that meet new needs

Data provides fantastic opportunities to develop innovative solutions to new challenges. It builds value and shapes our future. .

But the very fact that it plays such a vital role and represents such a huge value to individuals, businesses and government authorities has made it a target for those who wish to access it and maybe abuse it to serve their own purposes. In light of this, protecting data, and providing its owners full control over it, has become more and more important

Already back in the early 2000s the two founders of Synkzone, Christer Wik and Jonas Vasell, had a shared vision to create new and more accessible solutions, to help users take complete control of their data and information – no matter the venture’s size, its background or its need to adhere to security clearance demands. They wanted to find simple ways for data collaboration, and to make storage safe and secure.

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How it all started

Based on extensive experience in the field and inspired by, among other things the development of software for tactical radio communication, they set out to create a professional cloud service designed to share information in a secure way. The result of their efforts is a unique cloud service, built on the principles of Security by design. A service that not only protects data and information from external threats, but also ensures that not even the provider of the service can access what is stored. In short, those using the service, and whose data and information needs to be protected, are the only ones who have they keys to it. There are no back doors.

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