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Frequently asked questions

Which file types does Synkzone support?

Synkzone supports the handling of files of all types and sizes, all the way from text files to CAD-files, images and video.

What does a private cloud mean?

All customers using the Synkzone SaaS service are provided with their own virtual private servers. Every customer is kept completely separated from other customers. This is a given if you ask us.

What type of encryption do you use?

The moment you save a file it is encrypted using an AES256 crypto. This encryption is maintained at all times up until another authorized client opens and decrypts the file. In addition to this the file is re-encrypted before transport, a ”belt and braces approach”. A file stored in Synkzone is always encrypted, both in storage and in transport.

Do you provide any protection against cyber attacks?

Yes. Synkzone has a built in ransomware protection that quickly identifies potential attacks and minimizes any damage caused. Any files or information that is damaged can easily be restored, making sure that no information is lost.

Can I track changes made in documents?

Using our zone log any member of a zone can see who has added, removed or altered a file. To see what specific changes were made your application needs to have support for this.

What is your pricing structure?

As a Synkzone customer you typically pay a fee based on the number of active users each month, quarter or year.

Does Synkzone support video conferencing?

At present Synkzone does not support video conferencing. We are however working with several providers that can help you with highly secure video conferencing. Contact us and we’ll tell you more about it.

Can other, external, cryptos be integrated?

Yes, we support external cryptos as add-ons, or if you have specific encryption needs we can accommodate these through adaptations.

Do I need a VPN solution to work securely with Synkzone?

No, Synkzone is built with security at the fore front and you do not need to rely on other infrastructure to work in a secure manner.

How is Synkzone delivered?

Usually it is delivered as our easy-to-use SaaS service, but we can also deliver On Prem.

Can Synkzone be used to share information to external parties?

Synkzone distinguishes between internal and external users, but it is just as easy to share information with external parties as it is with internal.

We are a government agency, can we use Synkzone?

We have several government agencies as clients already. Contact us so we can help you become a Synkzone customer as well.

Does Synkzone have a ”backup”?

Yes, using the Synkzone SaaS service your files are stored in several different copies (obviously encrypted and inaccessible to anyone but you) to make sure your information can be restored should anything happen.