Niclas Swanér new CEO of Synkzone

Synkzone vd. Niclas Swanér är sedan 1 mars 2020 vd på Synkzone,

Niclas Swanér has been appointed as the new CEO of Synkzone and he started his new role on March 1 2020.

“Synkzone is a very exciting company with a fantastic solution to a problem that affects most of us. I am greatly looking forward to being part of the company,” says Niclas.

Synkzone offers a secure cloud-based storage and sharing service which gives users full control over their own information. The Swedish company has an international client base and is currently expanding rapidly. As part of this expansion Synkzone has hired Niclas Swanér as its CEO.

“Joining a company like Synkzone and building its business is extremely stimulating. Synkzone has the solution to many of the challenges companies, organizations and authorities face today when it comes to having or regaining full control of their data and information flows,” says Swanér.

CEO: “Synkzone has a unique solution.”

The new CEO continues:

“Synkzone is a unique technology solution. It is a completely secure cloud-based storage and sharing solution, which can change and streamline work methods and processes and thus make information and data accessible not only internally but also externally for partners, customers and users.”

Niclas Swanér has great experience of senior positions in sales and marketing, in a range of industries. Niclas also has national and international experience.

Niclas starts in the new role on March 1 2020.

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