Work securely from home during Corona pandemic

Work securely from home during Corona pandemic with Synkzone

Helping employees work securely from home during the Corona pandemic has become a new challenge for many corporations in just a few weeks. Synkzone has the solution, one which does not require a VPN tunnel.

The threat of the Corona virus has led many employers to allow employees to self-isolate at home. In most cases, employees are still expected to carry out most of their duties from their new home office.

Companies are now looking for solutions that will enable their people to work securely from home. For many of them, this is a new challenge. Ensuring that employees can work securely from home has become an urgent, top priority for the IT department at many companies.

Work safely from home – without a VPN

Just how effectively and easily employees can carry out their tasks from home usually depends on their employer’s IT infrastructure, and how permissible it is to work remotely. Many organizations use VPN tunnels and though these are fairly secure, they are often slow and not very user-friendly.

Not infrequently, these alternatives entail complicated connections for the employees. Another problem for employers to address is providing ways for employees to collaborate with colleagues online securely. Options are still limited.

Work safely from home – with Synkzone

Synkzone’s services make it possible to work from home securely during the Corona pandemic – and any time. Employees can work both securely and efficiently without complicated solutions, and still be able to access the company’s file server. This – retaining full control of your information when storing and sharing data via a cloud – is often not the case when sharing information via traditional cloud services.

The Synkzone solution

Synkzone is a Swedish company that has developed a cloud-based service that gives companies full control of their data. The company has many years of experience in peer-to-peer technologies and security.

Synkzone offers a secure cloud-based service that adheres to the Zero Knowledge principle of data storage. All information sharing and collaboration is end-to-end encrypted. Synkzone’s service is as accessible and flexible as a traditional cloud service, but the solution is more secure than traditional file servers.

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