Private server

An important part of secure cloud storage

What is a private server?

A server is a central location for storage and sharing of information with authorised users. It can be set up for the storage of information for the entire organisation in one place. It can also be set up for a single user wanting to access information from different computers. Today pretty much all IT-systems rely on servers.

A server used to be a central and sensitive physical resource that you would want to maintain complete control over within the business or organisation. Often servers were placed in specialized server rooms on your own premises. This made them very hard to access from the outside.

Most times, there were no special protections in place for the data stored on the server, using for example encryption. Instead, security was maintained by making sure that no one could get direct access to the server, neither physically, nor via the local network or via the internet.

This was however both expensive and complicated to use. Especially for organisations with co-workers in many different locations.

A private server is a server that handles only a specific organisation’s data, even though it is not physically placed at the organisations premises. These servers are often referred to as virtual private servers (VPS).

Servers in the cloud

As cloud based technology was developed this quickly became a very interesting solution for many organisations, ”The cloud” means that you connect to the server via the internet. Those who previously had to buy a physical server and place it in their offices could now replace that with a web-based service, paying only for server maintenance and upkeep.

This brings many advantages. The organisation no longer has physically maintain their own servers, availability is increased and services are easier to use. It is also much simpler to adapt server capacity as needs vary. Furthermore, the cost of servers is brought down.

The problems with cloud storage

The biggest problem with cloud storage is security. Losing control over you own information. That your information is stored by others. Which unauthorised parties can now access your information? How is it being protected?

Another problem is that you cannot know for sure where in the world the information is stored and which laws govern the protection of the information. Using certain services you cannot be sure if information belonging to different organisations is stored separately. This increases the risk of your information being exposed when another organisation has a problem.

In brief: using cloud solutions, you lose control over your data.

Until now.

Private server using Synkzone 

Synkzone is a cloud service that gives you back full control over your data.

We use private servers for each organisation. Normally, our virtual private servers in the cloud are located in Sweden. Having the servers located in Sweden gives a whole other level of legal protection, against for example authorities, compared to many other countries. (read more here).

We can also offer solutions where our service is based on servers under the direct control of our customers. These servers store all databases and other data specific to that organisation, as well as your files.

Private server and archive storage

For archive storage, we use selected storage solutions – also based in Sweden. Just as in our online cloud service, all contents of archived storage are completely anonymous, and just as strongly encrypted.

Synkzone can also provide archive storage directly under the control of the customer.

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