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Synkzone SSI is a REST API that enables you to secure the flow of information, no matter what or who creates that information. Synkzone SSI helps developers to easily design and build secure applications where Synkzone becomes a secure safe to use for information and user management.

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Synkzone Secure API

Secure your Information, integrate Synkzone

By using our REST API or components you can easily integrate Synkzone to your existing environment. Our REST API offers the possibility to secure your information from any application. 

Customer cases

Our customers values security and high integrity. They asked us to keep them anonymous. Please contact us and we will assist you in how we can help you protect your information. 

Synkzone kundcase

“The government owned business”

The government owned business employing more than 600 people was looking for a service to work in tandem with their Microsoft solutions, enabling them to secure their most sensitive information in order to both to meet legal requirements and satisfy security needs.


  • Secure Storage and Sharing of ”Very sensitive Information”
  • Desire to continue using Microsoft 365


  • A digital safe
  • The Synkzone Web client integrated into Teams
  • Azure AD user management
Synkzone UI

“The insurance company”

Pressing need for a new claims management system due to changing circumstances in relation to legal requirements, for instance Schrems II. Also a desire for a clearer and more distinct ownership of their information, with no access being given to application developers and service providers.


  • Meeting legal requirements
  • Full control and ownership of sensitive information
  • Future scalability


  • Synkzone Secure API, Synkzone SSI
  • Deployed in a data center meeting the strict demands of the customer

All Swedish storage, Zero Knowledge, really good encryption in the cloud, on your hard drive and during transfer. Superior ease of use.

John Daniels CEO, Weop