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Secure Collaboration

To store/share and collaborate on information with colleagues, partners and customers is something we take for granted now. Using Synkzone you can also do that securely.

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Synkzone Secure Collaboration

A secure way to collaborate

Working in zones

A zone is a secure place to work. In a zone you share information with trusted recipients. Only they and no one else have access to its encrypted content. A zone can be based around a project, a department or a specific group of users.


Traceability! In the zone log you can easily see who has done what with any information stored there. The zone log also functions as an encrypted chat and channel of communications for members of the zone.

Full control

To make secure collaborating easy we support file version control. There are also different ways of locking files to improve security and make collaborating less complicated.

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Synkzone and Microsoft 365

Integrate Synkzone into your existing Microsoft environment

Many of our customers use Microsoft solutions, but want or need other options for securing certain information. Synkzone supports Azure AD based user management, and using our teams app your organization can work seamlessly with our web client in Teams.


Our customers value security and privacy. Therefore, we have chosen to keep them anonymous. Contact us and we will be happy to tell you more about how we can help you.

Synkzone kundcase

“The government owned business”

The government owned business employing more than 600 people was looking for a service to work in tandem with their Microsoft solutions, enabling them to secure their most sensitive information in order to both to meet legal requirements and satisfy security needs.


  • Secure Storage and Sharing of ”Very sensitive Information”
  • Desire to continue using Microsoft 365


  • A digital safe
  • The Synkzone Web client integrated into Teams
  • Azure AD user management
Synkzone kundcase

“The consulting firm”

We work daily on critical infrastructure projects and we need effective and secure solutions to share information related to these projects, internally and externally. The nature of the projects requires an all Swedish solution using strong encryption.


  • Secure storage and sharing of information within different projects
  • Complete control over who has access to what


  • Synkzone desktop clients for internal use
  • Synkzone web client access for external parties
  • Linked to Azure AD.

All Swedish storage, Zero Knowledge, really good encryption in the cloud, on your hard drive and during transfer. Superior ease of use.

John Daniels, Head of AFRY National Security