Zero Knowledge

An important part of secure cloud storage

Zero knowledge is a security concept in data management.

It means all information is encrypted at all times and no one can access the information without authorisation. The expression derives from the fact that no one has any access to the data – except those with permission.

Zero knowledge and cloud storage

Businesses and organizations used to store their information on a server placed at their offices. The emergence of cloud based storage has made it possible to store information in the cloud using the internet. There are numerous benefits to this.

But with this solution there are also new threats to your data. Unauthorised users, for example the cloud storage provider, may be able to access your data.

The problems of cloud storage

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. This applies to data storage and cloud based information storage as well.

Cloud storage providers often speak of how they encrypt their clients’ data. Encryption is now standard with all serious cloud storage providers. This means your data is stored in encrypted form somewhere in the cloud. The encryption makes it harder for outsiders to access your data. Unless they have access to the encryption keys for your files.

This is one of the potential flaws of traditional cloud storage. You do not have control over who has access to your encryption keys, and thereby to your data.

Cloud storage backdoors

Many cloud storage providers are under obligation to help local authorities access the data they store for you. For example, in the US this is made completely legal under the so-called Cloud Act.

Many storage providers have terms and conditions giving them right to review what you store with them, even if the information is encrypted. They motivate this with wanting to ensure your data is in compliance with the law and also wanting to tailor your digital advertising experience.

The ramifications are a lot of people could potentially view your private and encrypted information – if they really they want to.

This is exactly what Zero Knowledge is all about. Avoiding anyone accessing your encrypted information without your permission. 

Zero knowledge using Synkzone

The technical solution behind zero knowledge for cloud storage is based on approved users being the only ones with access to the encryption keys. This ensures your data is safe, protected by encryption, even if the data is stored on computers off site.

No authorities or storage provider, nor anyone else not approved by you to have the encryption keys, can access your data.

Zero knowledge is secure because it places high demands on your organisation. Only you have the master key, no one else. Therefore, it is very important that you store the codes for the encryption keys in a very secure way. You do not want to lose them, as it may mean that all your information is lost.

The Synkzone solutions for Zero knowledge

The Synkzone security solution Truly Secure is based on zero knowledge. At the heart of it, we store all files using a strong encryption standard called AES-256. Furthermore, we encrypt the data in multiple layers, making an already extremely strong solution even stronger.

To access the encrypted data you need an encryption key. Only an authorised administrator can issue an encryption key. When information is shared between two people it is encrypted the entire way from client to client.

Using Synkzone, work is divided up into zones. A zone can be a part of an organisation, or for example a project. As a member of a zone, you own the encryption key to that specific zone, enabling you to collaborate on the information stored there with other members of the zone. Information in a zone is never stored unencrypted and can never be accessed by an unauthorised user.

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