Multi-layer encryption is the process of encrypting an already encrypted file, one or several times more. This can be done either by using the same algorithm multiple times, or by using different algorithms.

Is multi-layer encryption more secure?

The purpose of using multi-layer encryption is to make an encrypted file transfer – that in theory already should be secure – even more secure. Encrypting something that has already been encrypted gives increased security.

If you are not using multi-layer encryption, your information is not as safe as it could be.


Multi-layer encryption using Synkzone

End-to-end-kryptering med Synkzone skyddar din data.

Synkzone uses a technology for sending data to servers or other users that is considerably more advanced than most other solutions. It is based on the information being encrypted and handled in a number of different ways during transfer.

When information is being sent between two points – called nodes – it is done in three layers. All based on different security solutions.

The three layers are:

  • Application layer
  • Network layer
  • Transport layer

When you first save your information, it is first encrypted in the application layer. Before being sent to the server, it is encrypted once again in the network layer. And during the transfer to the server a further layer of encryption is applied.

Your information is encrypted in several layers. It doesn’t get any safer than that.



Zero Knowledge


You have full control of your data at any time. You control all encryption keys and user accounts. Nobody unauthorised can access your data. There are no back doors.


End-to-end encryption


End-to-end-encryption ensures your data is constantly encrypted when transfering to and from your computer. It can only be decrypted by authorised users.


Multi-layer encryption


Synkzone not only encrypts data end-to-end. We also encrypt it several times and in different ways. This makes an already secure solution virtually impossible to hack.


Ransomware protection


Synkzone detects any ransomware attacks at an early stage. When an attack is detected the client is put in quarantine. Once the attack has been addressed all files are recovered.


Private server


With Synkzone all your data is stored in an encrypted format in a private server solution dedicated to your organization. All servers are located in Sweden.


Swedish law


Many traditional cloud storage solutions are governed by US laws. This gives the NSA the right to access all your data without permission. Synkzone is subject to Swedish law.