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For legal reasons? For business reasons? For both? Synkzone protects your information as it is being created and keeps protecting it throughout its life cycle. Using Synkzone you get both secure storage and a secure way of sharing information. No matter if you’re sharing information internally or externally with customers and partners.

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Why Synkzone

Why Synkzone?

Legal reasons

As a business, a government authority or an organization we face a number of legal requirements when it comes to the handling of data and information.

There are legal requirements that apply to us all without exception, and then there are requirements that only apply to those who handle certain types of data in specific fields. No matter which, it is your responsibility to meet the demands that apply to you.

By using Synkzone a lot of this will be taken care of. Using Synkzone services you get good technological protection as a foundation to meet the requirements that you face.

Security reasons

Are you running a business or organization that is based around unique knowledge or one or more unique products?

Do you handle contracts or critical information that must not fall into the wrong hands, the kind of things we usually refer to as business secrets? Are you worried about industrial espionage?

Using Synkzone you get both secure storage and a secure way of sharing information. It is secure not matter if you want to share it internally or externally with customers and partners.

What makes Synkzone so secure?

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Synkzone and Microsoft 365

Integrate Synkzone into your existing Microsoft environment

Many of our customers use Microsoft solutions, but want or need other options for securing certain information. Synkzone supports Azure AD based user management, and using our teams app your organization can work seamlessly with our web client in Teams.


What is Zero Knowledge?

It means all information is encrypted at all times and no one can access the information without authorisation. The expression derives from the fact that no one has any access to the data – except those with permission.

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Work securely from home during Corona pandemic

Helping employees work securely from home during the Corona pandemic has become a new challenge for many corporations in just a few weeks. Synkzone has the solution, one which does not require a VPN tunnel.

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Learn more about Ransomeware

Ransomware is often used by hackers to blackmail the owner of the information that has been kidnapped. If they pay, they get instructions on how to restore their files. If they do not pay, the files are destroyed.

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All Swedish storage, Zero Knowledge, really good encryption in the cloud, on your hard drive and during transfer. Superior ease of use.

John Daniels Head of AFRY National Security